Quang Nguyen, August 18 2020

A Little Jedi Mind Trick!!!

Today I want to introduce you to a powerful mind trick that I use all the time. Whenever I have a really important decision to make and I feel that I'm struggling to emotionally remove myself from the situation, the one thing that saves me and ensures that I make the right decision is the power of objectivity.

There have been many researchers who have studied how people make decisions and what they've discovered is something really interesting.

If your friend is facing a problem and when you have to make decisions on behalf of your friend, you tend to think from multiple perspectives! You think about multiple outcomes and ultimately you make a much better decision.

What's the conclusion?

Well, when you make decisions, rather people can struggle to make the right decision when we have to make the decision for ourselves.

Decisions can be emotional so that's where the power of objectivity comes in. It's the ability to decide from third party's perspective.

When we see a really important decision coming up and we feel that it will have an impact on us, you can feel yourself getting emotionally attached to all the possible outcomes.

Maybe you're thinking about asking for a pay raise, a change in your career, changing your uni degree, ending a relationship or restarting a relationship…

Whatever it may be, if it's emotional for you, you are going to have a hard time thinking about all the options because maybe you're concerned about the people who may be impacted by your decision. Maybe you're worried about that somebody is about to be disappointed by what you need to do for you.

This is when the power of objectivity is really important.

Pick somebody that you really admire. It could be somebody like Elon Musk or Michelle Obama or Mark Zuckerberg or any other mentor to yourself. Ask what would Michelle Obama do in this situation? What would your mentors do in the situation? 

Bringing that level of third-party objectivity will pull you out of your body and detach your emotions from the situation and it will help you give yourself the perspective that you need. It will distance you from your emotions so that you can actually assess your options and make the best decision for you.

A really interesting example of somebody who did this in sports and at the time, he actually copped a lot of criticism for this was Lebron James. As you know, he played for the Cleveland Cavalier for a really long time and is arguably one of the best basketball players to ever play in the NBA (MJ will always be the GOAT in my opinion). Lebron was about to hit free agency which meant he could sign for any team in the NBA and he chose to leave his hometown Cavaliers and take his talents to the Miami Heat. There was a major uproar about his decision to move away from his team.

During an interview with the press, he said that 

“Lebron James needs to do what's best for Lebron James”.

 The panel laughed out loud because they found it funny that he would talk about himself in the third person but in this case, he was smart, he was leveraging the power of objectivity. He was making the best decision for him as an NBA talent who wanted to win an elusive championship.

The next time you're facing a really important decision and start to feel that you're getting nowhere. When you start to become indecisive and unsure of what the best decision is because you are thinking about the impact and consequences that your decision will have on people that you care about and other things, take a step back and leveraged power of objectivity and do what is actually best for you!

Let me know what you do to ensure that you are making the best decision for you below.

Written by

Quang Nguyen

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