Quang Nguyen, October 6 2020

Leadership Experiences as a Refugee

I have never really had the opportunity to go back into my family’s history in as much detail or publish it on a public forum like I have today as a guest on The Culture of Things Podcast with Brendan Rogers

Brendan uses his platform to discuss all things culture, leadership and teamwork across business and sport. 

By sharing this conversation, I have strengthened my connection to the story while reflecting on my learnings and leadership experience as a refugee. 

The definition of a leader can be quickly summed up as one who makes sacrifices, creates opportunities and takes responsibility for their actions. Someone who is working towards a purpose with the bigger picture in mind. 

What if the leader’s purpose is fulfilling a dream for a better future, which first involves fleeing a poor fishing village, in a war-torn country? It means risking your life and the life of the woman you love by boarding a boat, in the middle of the night, while being chased at gunpoint? That is goosebump material right there, especially when this true story goes on to tell of the couple, my parents, surviving three to four years in a refugee camp in Hong Kong, where I was born, while they were seeking asylum. 

The reason I am here today is all thanks to the butterfly effect; a series of key moments that my parents and grandparents experienced and were fortunate enough to survive. 

Click here to listen to the full episode to understand why I draw on the strength shown by my parents when making decisions for my own family. Their relentless patience and resilience, shown as they lived through unimaginable conditions for that better ‘big picture’ opportunity, has definitely paid off.

Written by

Quang Nguyen

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