Quang Nguyen, August 13 2019

Sale Edge - Logic Vs Emotion

 As we have discussed previously, sales is a key skill that all business owners need to learn and master. There is a lot of sales training and sales content out there that choose to focus on handling objections or closing sales with either a logical or an emotional approach.

As humans, we need to cater to both because we are BOTH logical and emotional beings. Think of it as the Ying and the Yang, two halves that together complete wholeness. They both complement each other and there needs to be a right balance struck in order for a client/lead to feel totally comfortable with making a purchase.

As the business owner or salesperson, it is your job to calibrate the client or lead to ensure that the right balance is found in each conversation. We are all different, so some people are more emotional and while others are more logical thinkers and it is our responsibility to speak in the modality that suits them best to help them understand.

So how do you calibrate and discover the right balance for your client?

You start by asking questions like “Do you completely understand this?” “Is anything else I can explain to you?” “What would it be like to upgrade your family car?”

“It’ll be great because it is what we need now.”

“How will it help you now?”

“It will give us the boot space to throw in everything we need for our children to get them to sporting events and it will definitely make family getaways and trips a lot easier.”

“Sounds great. Let’s just make sure we get you everything you need in a car. Is there anything else you’re looking for such as fuel economy?”

“Yes we want a car that is efficient for its size.”


Logic and Emotion. That is the balance you must strike when having a sales conversation. It’s like when you are trying to get fit and healthy, you generally start by exercising non-stop for a week and push yourself physically to your limits. Personally, I would feel completely sore, exhausted and to be honest, ready to toss in the towel and quit by the end of the week. For it to be a success, you need to find that balance between exercise and rest.

If you want to find your balance point with your clients, let me know. It would be great to hear from you.

Written by

Quang Nguyen

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