Quang Nguyen, July 17 2020

What is Mother Nature doing to us?

 As we take stock of what’s happening in the world right now and reflect on the health and financial repercussions that have taken place because of COVID, it is also a great opportunity for us to take a moment to pause and remember what is important to us.

 The learnings from this pandemic are great on so many levels. On a personal level, on a social level and at a business level as well. The general consensus is that this is, despite how tragic and severe the consequences have been to each and every country and person affected by it, it seems like that Mother Nature has paused the world to allow us to take stock of our priorities and recalibrate them to what is truly important to us.

There is no doubt about the economic and health impact that this pandemic has had. We have had so many lives lost as a direct result of virus. It genuinely is a humanitarian disaster on a global scale. And the economic repercussions are only beginning to be felt and will continue to be felt for the short term, at least. 

But we have also been provided with an opportunity to reset our thoughts and priorities and remember what is important to us.

On a personal level, the focus on health has been great to see. With the enforced restrictions and lockdowns in place, it's made us really appreciate and value how important being physically active and looking after our health is. The old saying that our health is our wealth has never been truer!

It's also made us realise how much we miss and value social interactions and being in the presence of our friends and family. We truly enjoy being in the company of others and now I think we're only to begin to understand how much so. The re-emphasis on reconnecting with our loved ones and our desire to be close to them physically has reinforced how much of social beings we really are and how we really desire to be connected with other people on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

It is so great to see everyone make the extra effort to look after their well-being on every level.

On a business level, it's made us not take things for granted. It made us realise that we have to be able to shift and adapt to the ever-changing environment. Forced innovation has made business owners analyse their traditional methods and systems and add a layer of innovation to them so that they can continue to be successful in the New World. This level of innovation is what will continue to allow business owners to scale their businesses in an ever-changing environment.

This pandemic has also made us take a moment to pause and reflect on why have gone into business in the first place. It’s given us much more clarity on if we truly want to continue down this path because it will be a long slog as there will be many more challenges coming up in the future. We have to be sure that we are prepared to take on these challenges as they continue in the aftermath of this pandemic because rest assured that this is only the beginning of the after-effects of this pandemic. 

As the world continues to move into its new sense of normality, we can see that things won’t be away that they were nor will we truly know what the world would be like moving forward. The only thing we can be sure of is what is important to us and that we continue to focus on those priorities.

What have you learnt about yourself, other people and your business during this period?

Written by

Quang Nguyen

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