Quang Nguyen, September 14 2020

Why Your Marketing Message Is NO GOOD...If You're Not Doing This!

The ability to communicate your message is vitally important in business. It is no good having one if you are incapable of getting it out there.

Where does that capability to communicate your message come from?

First, it comes from a shift in thinking.

That shift in belief has to do with moving from being a doer of your thing to a marketer of your thing.

Maybe most business owners who come in our door are focused on the doing of their thing. If they own a retail store as building, they're going to be totally into merchandising, signage, staffing, but not into marketing. 

The same applies to those who identify themselves as clinical practitioners or service-based providers.

For example, if you put five dentists together in a room, the conversation is all about the latest laser beam, the latest drill, the latest this, the latest that...

The conversation between them is all about the clinical aspect of dentistry.

Almost everybody talks about the technical aspect of what they do.

I have regularly spoken at conferences for dentists and other medical practitioners and all they do in their breaks is woo each other with the latest gadgets and tools.

If you're going to a chiropractic or physio conference, they're all out in the hallways adjusting each other and they're all talking about adjustment techniques.

That's what they all get caught up doing and talking about however none of them are talking about how to get business.

That's not where their heads are at.

Their head is focused on the doing of the thing, not focused on the marketing of the thing.

I am sure everyone here knows who Harry Houdini is, and for those who don’t know, Harry Houdini was an illusionist who was most known and recognised for his sensational escape acts.

And what you quickly get to know about Houdini is that he was more into the promotion and marketing of what he can do rather than the act of doing it.

Needless to say, he got good at doing a few things and had a baseline skillset, but he got really good at marketing and promoting the things he could do.

So to get you into being able to communicate your message effectively, you have to be totally focused on being an effective message communicator.

That is now the role you need to adopt, both mentally and emotionally to actually be successful in your business.

You got to get away from being focused on doing things and more into the marketing of things.

This takes a little time.

It may take 2, 4, 6 or 12 months but by then, you'll be getting good at communicating your marketing message and then you will just keep getting better and better and better.

And this is where all the money and success is at.

Let me know below, do you focus on just doing your thing or are you great at communicating your marketing message out there?


Written by

Quang Nguyen

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