| Overview

Freelance Photography An employee in a Real Estate Agency notices that he can take much better photos than what his agency was paying for and decides to go out on his own to provide a much better product and service. 


Before: $23,000  After: $98,000

Total Investment In QN: $15,600

Percentage ROI On Revenue: 480%

| Summary

Steve (real name not used) was working in a Real Estate Agency when he realised that he was spending his work hours editing the photos that were being taken by other professionals because they didn't capture the true essence of the house/building. Deciding that he could do a better job, Steve went out on his own to provide this service and product.

Working in an already saturated market of property photographers, it was hard to establish relationships with other agencies who already have their photographers.

Steve also had a passion for architecture and wanted to incorporate this into his photography business.

| Initial Impression

When I first spoke with Steve, he was beginning to feel stressed because of his low-income status as well as starting to feel the toll of being rejected with his approaches.

He knew that he had a premium product and service and just needed an opportunity showcases so that he could get continual work.

As a result of his low clientele base, Steve was closely monitoring his financial situation to ensure that he could meet all of his financial needs.

| Initial Analysis

In summary, although Steve was very good at taking premium photos that capture the essence of the building, he needed to be able to differentiate himself from the other photographers out there.

He needed to be clear on who he wanted to work with, the value that he would bring to his clients as well as implementing effective lead generation strategies and sales techniques to ensure that his clientele base continues to grow.

If Steve was unable to do this, he would have to shut down his business and go back to finding a job. 

•    Revenue: $23,000

| Stages of Development

STAGE 1 - Days 0 to 30 – Lead Generation And Sales

QN Coaching and Training immediately helped Steve increase his cash flow by successfully booking more photoshoots. We instantly began lead generation training and simultaneously executed. We also increased his booking rate by implementing effective sales techniques to maximise his close rate. As cash flow improved, this eased the stress and tension he had around meeting his financial expenses.

STAGE 2 - Days 30 to 90 – Business Development

As Steve’s calendar continued to be booked out, we had to redefine his vision and mission so that we could incorporate this passion for architecture. This included but wasn’t just restricted to developing his profile within the architecture and building community, fine-tune his value proposition, and the continual evolution of his lead generation strategy to appeal to is ideal clients and jobs. From a financial perspective, there was minimally invested by Steve however a large amount of time and effort was put into creating an understanding his point of difference to the rest of the photographer market as well as streamlining his process to generate leads on demand.

STAGE 3 - Days 90 to 180 - Leadership Development

With an increasingly improving revenue stream and more satisfied and happy clients, we targeted improving his pay rate to match that he was delivering to his clients. We also worked on securing building firms and architecture agencies with a higher reputation and esteem within the community. Steve also had to ensure that the delivery of his work was both of high quality and profitable and thus systems and processes were integrated into the business. Last but not least, we had to work with Steve as a person and as a business owner. His business was only ever going to be successful with his development as a business owner and as an executive at its core.

STAGE 4 - Days 180 to 420 – Expansion

Steve now had a clientele base which consisted of real estate agencies, builders, building suppliers and architecture firms. We looked at differing pricing models and structures that would continue to be of tremendous value to his clients and have now added a retainer-based model to ensure that his clients are continually receiving high-quality images for their marketing needs and purposes.

On a personal note, Steve has a passion for the creative arts and has decided to add creative arts branch to his business. This branch has become successful in its own right due to incorporating all of the skills learnt and combining it with Steve’s passion to ensure that he continues to deliver high-quality work to the creative arts community.

| Outcome

Steve is now in a healthy situation in his business in terms of both financial and clientele base after he engaged in QN Coaching’s services. His clientele base is continually expanding and as a result, his revenue continues to climb. With this increase in revenue, several investment opportunities have presented themselves including one for a studio.  

Revenue: $98,000


| Key Metrics


Before: $23,00 After: $98,000

Total Investment In QN: $15,600

Percentage ROI On Revenue: 480%